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Lesson Policy

I have had the privilege of teaching some very talented students, and I thoroughly enjoy their lessons.  My goal is for each student to improve and learn something new in each lesson, and for the student to enjoy the time they spend with me as well.  Different music is selected for each student, according to their interests.  Lessons should be something that the student looks forward to doing, not something he/she is forced to do. 

* Lesson Rates

 Lessons are $25 for 1/2 hour per week, $35 for 45 minutes per week, and $45 for one hour per week. 

Payment is due at the lesson, or you may choose to pay for the entire month at once. If you are taking lessons at your school from me, I will email you a bill for the entire month. If we miss lessons for valid reasons, I will credit you for the next month.

* Cancellation Policy

Due to the limited number of lesson times available in a week, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance if a lesson is to be canceled, unless there is an emergency. If you are unable to cancel 24 hours in advance, payment for that missed lesson will be due at the following lesson. If I am teaching you at your school, please notify me in advance if you will not be in class on your normal lesson day due to an assembly, testing, or a field trip. Please don’t ask for a make-up lesson if you forget your lesson or decide not to come at the last minute. Any lessons canceled by me can be made up.

Your lesson time has been reserved for you and only you. If you are late, I cannot teach past your scheduled time or give you a partial refund. This is especially important as I pay for childcare during your reserved lesson time. If you do not show up for a lesson or cancel with short notice, I still have to pay for childcare for that time. 

  1. *Lesson Time

During lessons, we will work on technique, theory, and fundamentals, as well as performance skills, sight-reading, and ear-training. The goal of lessons is to make the student not only a better performer, but also a more intelligent musician.   Lessons are tailored to the specific needs, interests, and activities of each student. 

*Recitals and festivals

We have one recital per year in the spring. High school singers will also have the opportunity to compete in an extra festival (NATS) in the spring.  There are numerous festival and contest opportunities for singers and pianists of all ages through MTNA.

*Practice time

It is important that students learn music and practice at home. I do not want to teach notes in a lesson when the student has a practice cd for that purpose or to sit while a student does his/her practicing at my house. It is frustrating for both teacher and student, and it is a waste of your money.  Please encourage your children to practice at home. Students will improve in proportion to how they practice at home.  


Supplies needed for voice lessons: 3 ring binder with pockets for music, pencil.  I will give each student a practice cd that they will bring to each lesson so that we can add to it as needed.

Supplies needed for piano lessons:  books will be purchased prior to your first lesson, and the cost will be included in your first week's tuition.


All high school and college voice students are automatically members of the Grapevine/Southlake student chapter of National Association of Teachers of Singing, free of charge!

Lesson Policy: Sample Lesson
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