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Student Achievements

Student Achievements: Upcoming Events

College and Careers

Students from this studio have gone on to major in music at the following universities:

University of Alabama (music ed)

NYU Tisch (music theater)

University of Texas (music education and Longhorn Singers show choir)


Middle Tennessee State University

Molloy/CAP21 (music theater)
University of Oklahoma 

Belmont University (commercial music and songwriting) 

West Texas A&M (music theater)

Texas Christian University (music theater, vocal performance, and composition)

Ball State University (music theater)
Chicago Conservatory of Performing Art (vocal performance and music theater)
Brigham Young University (vocal performance and music education)
University of Missouri (music theater)
Baylor University (vocal performance)

University of Central Oklahoma (music theater)
Ouachita Baptist (music education)
Pace (music theater)

SMU (vocal performance)
College Conservatory of Music-University of Cincinnati (music theater)
UTA (music business)
University of Arkansas
Oklahoma City University (music theater)
UNT (music education and electronic music)

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Congratulations to past student, Sophia Formella, who will be a Teaching Artist at Houston Grand Opera, and will also be a Teaching Artist at the Metropolitan Opera! 

Congratulations to our FIVE National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalists:  Rylee Hunt, Nora Sammons, Malini Sampath, Malia Hall, and Abhi Maddukuri!

Congratulations to all the students who advanced through the first round of All-State Choir auditions! Ishani Gandi (3rd), Caroline Massey, Nora Sammons (2nd) Anna Claire Scherler (3rd), Alex Lentz, Abby Foster (3rd), Clare Kernan (2nd), Malini Sampath (8th), Malia Hall (3rd), Sophia Deng (7th), Rylee Hunt (2nd), Violet Barrientos, Grace Kidd, Hari Vasudevan, Carl Jenkins, Adam Szkudlarek, and Luka Vidacak

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Congratulations to Clare Kernan, who made 3rd chair in the All-State Mixed Choir this year as a freshman! We also had a lot of students who advanced in the TMEA choir auditions!  Rylee Hunt, Adam Szkudlarek, Jetta Thompson, Sophia Deng, Erin Pitcher, and Jack Lambeth all made the All-Region Mixed Choir.  Katie Chon, Lindsey Hough, and Anna Claire Scherler made the All-Region Treble Choir.  Arden Berry, Ishani Gandi, Caroline Massey, Abby Foster, and Cale Meacham all made the 9/10 Honor Choir.  

We also had several students who made the SWACDA Honor Choir that performed in Arkansas:  Cale Meacham, Adam Szkudlarek, and Abby Foster.

MCMTA Fall Festival at TCC…all superior ratings! Wow! In the piano division, Eunice, Jackson, Matthew, Andrew and Kaitlyn. In the voice division, Maddie, Anishka, Gavin, and Aditi. Anishka, Aditi, and Maddie were chosen to sing in the honor recital. 

Matthew W. earned a superior plus rating at MCMTA Sonatina Festival!

We had 2 semi-finalists at DFW NATS auditions: Nora S. (Upper HS Music Theater Treble) and Arden B. (Lower HS Music Theater Treble).

We had 3 finalists/winners at DFW NATS auditions: Clare K. 2nd place (lower HS Classical Treble)

Anishka C. 3rd place (lower HS Music Theater Treble)

Aditi S. 2nd place (7th grade Classical)

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Congratulations to the following students who advanced in the All-State Choir process this year through virtual auditions! Jetta Thompson, Nora Sammons, Hayley Epps, Sophia Deng, Tessa Anderson, Ashlyn Bowman, Adam Szkudlarek, Jack Lambeth, Sean Kelson, and Desmond Reusch

We had 12 entries into the MCMTA Fall Festival, and we had 12 Superior or Superior Plus ratings!  Congratulations to Jackson and Andrew, who did both voice and piano categories! Congratulations to Matthew, Kaitlyn, and Lizzy for their piano performances, and to Ramitha, Hadley, Clare, Audrey, and Aditi for their vocal solos. 

Trekorda hosted two virtual festivals, and Andrew Thomas received a Superior rating on his piano solo in their Solo and Ensemble Contest.  Clare Kernan received a Superior rating and Outstanding Performer for TheatreFest. 

We had 5 winners this year at the DFW NATS auditions!  Aditi Srikanth placed 3rd in the 6th grade classical youth division; Clare Kernan placed 1st in the 8th grade classical treble division; Jackson Williams placed 1st in the 8th grade classical TTB division; Sophia Deng placed 5th in 9th/10th grade music theater; and Deborah Tjio placed 4th in 11th/12th classical treble.  

Kaitlyn, Jackson, Andrew, Aditi, and Hadley all received superior ratings on their sonatas for MCMTA Sonata Festival this spring, and Matthew also received an excellent rating. 

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Even in quarantine, our students have been busy auditioning!  We had ten singers who submitted three songs on video to the DFW NATS auditions for adjudication:  Emma Cave, Hayley Epps, Deborah Tjio, Ramitha Mallavarapu, Erin Pitcher (classical), and Adam Szkudlarek, Sophia Deng, Alyssa Zahalsky, Rylee Hunt, and Jack Lambeth.  Emma, Deborah, Adam, Sophia and Alyssa have advanced to Semi-Finals, which are going on now.  Stay tuned!    We also have three piano students who have submitted videos to the MCMTA Sonatina Festival and are awaiting their results:  Andrew Thomas, Matthew Williams, and Kaitlyn Haithcock.  I'm so proud of these students for continuing to work so hard and push themselves during their "break." 

Congratulations to all the honor choir members this year who have been auditioning!  

The 9/10 Honor Choir:  Erin Pitcher, Abhi Maddukuri, Rylee Hunt, Sean Kelson, and Adam Szkudlarek. 

Region Treble Choir:  Alyssa Zahalsky, Aubrey Anderson, Tessa Anderson.  

Region Mixed Choir:  Aidan Mondress, Caitlin Davidson, Sarah Kate Breeding, Emma Cave.  

District Choir:  Hunter Wasson

SWACDA 8-10 Treble Choir:  Olivia Hybarger, Grace Kidd. 

SWACDA 7-10 TTBB Choir:  Sean Kelson.

SWACDA 11-12 Mixed Choir:  Emma Cave, Zelia Gourdon, Alyssa Zahalsky.  

Congratulations to Deborah Tjio for advancing to semi-finals in her very first Regional NATS competition (three states!) in the classical junior/senior division.  

And finally, great job to the cast of Amelie at Carroll:  Davis Hayes, Aidan Mondress, Sarah Lacy, Adriana Heffron, Alyssa Zahalsky, Rylee Hunt, Noa Sorrell, Jetta Thompson, Adam Szkudlarek, and Lindsey Hough.

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Congratulations to all the students who worked SO hard to participate in NATS.  Sophia Miller, Hayley Epps, Alyssa Zahalsky, Alli Calvert,  Amber Meagher, and Pierson Van den Dyssel did the music theater division.  Amber, Pierson, and Alyssa advanced to semi-finals.  Amber won 3rd place, and Pierson won 4th place.  The next day, Amber and Alli got up again and joined with Madeleine Alexander, Emma Cave, and Sebastian Poorman to do the classical division. Sebastian, Madeleine, Amber, and Emma advanced to semi-finals.  Emma won 4th place, and Amber won 1st place and overall best female high school singer across all the divisions.  

Madeleine Alexander received 2nd place at the Ft. Worth Music Teachers Association Solo Competition, where she performed three classical songs. All of our middle school girls received superior ratings at their solo contest, and Alex Lentz (7th grade!) was nominated as an outstanding performer. Congratulations to CMS students Lindsey Hough, Shriya Gogineni, and Neha Gogineni for their top ratings!

Congratulations to all the high school singers who advanced through the first round of All-State Choir auditions:  Aubrey Parr, Sophia Miller, Alyssa Zahalsky, Sarah Kate Breeding (2nd chair), Caitlin Davidson,  Aidan Mondress, Carson Cook, and alternates Peyton Proksch and Hunter Wasson!

These students advanced through the 2nd round:  Devan DeLugo, Emma Cave, Amber Meagher, Sebastian Poorman, James Wade, Harrison Moore, and Debopreeta Bhattacharya (alternate). 

These students advanced through the 3rd round:  James Wade, Amber Meagher, and Devan DeLugo (1st alternate).  

Finally:  James Wade and Amber Meagher are members of the All-State Mixed Choir!!!

Congratulations to 9th/10th grade honor choir members Erin Pitcher, Sean Kelson, and Andrea Betka.  

We had five students made the ACDA Honor Choir this year, all from our studio:  James Wade, Emma Cave, Amber Meagher, Sebastian Poorman, and Alyssa Zahalsky. 

These students all received superior ratings on their UIL Solo, and they are qualified to go to state competition:  Debopreeta Bhattacharya, Sarah Kate Breeding, Alli Calvert, Emma Cave, Jack Cory, Caitlin Davidson, Adriana Heffron, Sarah Lacy, Amber Meagher, Aidan Mondress, Harrison Moore, Erin Pitcher, Sebastian Poorman, Abigail Thomas, James Wade, Hunter Wasson, Ava Wayland, and Alyssa Zahalsky. Andrea Betka, Sophia Miller, and Hayley Epps also received superior ratings at their school Solo and Ensemble Contest.  


Congratulations to NATS spring auditions semi-finalists Rachel Gitter, Devan DeLugo, Tanner Logan, and Amber Meagher in music theater.   Amber won 2nd place.  In the classical division, James Wade won 2nd place, and Amber Meagher won 1st place.  Devan DeLugo has moved into the national round of video submission for musical theater competition.  

Congratulations to all the students who were selected for an honor choir this year: 

    National ACDA Conference Honor Choir:  Billy Wade and Amber Meagher

    Texas All-Region Mixed Choir:  Sebastian Poorman, Billy Wade, May Chinn, James 

    Wade, Emma Cave, and Amber Meagher

    Texas All-Region Treble Choir: Rachel Gitter, Kylie Genetti, Aubrey         


    9th/10th Grade Honor Choir:  Megan Genetti, Devan DeLugo

    Middle School All-Region Choir:  Madeleine Alexander

Congratulations to all the students from our studio who were cast in Urinetown at Carroll High School:  Jessica Owston, Anna Chase Lanier, Mitchell Groff, Jack Cory, Devan DeLugo, Sarah Kate Breeding, Caitlin Davidson, Julia Bramlage, Rachel Gitter, Sarah Johnson, Rachel Connell, Billy Wade and Meredith Sutherland

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Congratulations to everyone who went to UIL State Solo and Ensemble, and to Sophia Formella, Kate Pruitt, James Wade, Billy Wade, Devan DeLugo, Rachel Gitter, and all the ensembles for their superior ratings.  Devan was named Outstanding Soloist for her room.   

We had a large group go to the DFW chapter of NATS auditions this spring:  Tanner Logan, Meagan Bramlage, Rachel Gitter, Anna Chase Lanier, Devan DeLugo, Aubrey Parr, Bella Tran, Megan Pierson, Kate Pruitt, Evan Clary, Lizzy Hick and Mandi Johnson.  Anna Chase, Rachel, and Devan all went to semi-finals in the music theater division.  Devan won 4th place and Anna Chase won 1st.  Anna Chase also won the award for the outstanding female music theater student for the whole event, over the college students!  In the classical division, Devan won 3rd place for the 9th-10th grade women.  

Congratulations to the cast of Junie B. Jones at Carroll HS.  Jessica Owston will be playing Junie B!  Pierson van den Dyssel, Meagan Bramlage, Anna Chase Lanier, Rachel Gitter, Mitchell Groff, and Sarah Johnson are also in the cast.  

Congratulations to all the students who received superior ratings at UIL Solo and Ensemble contest:  Peyton Proksch, Rachel Gitter, Meagan Bramlage, Kylie Genetti, Molly Warden, Eric Anderson, Sebastian Poorman, Megan Pierson, Amber Meagher, Anna Chase Lanier, Rachel Connell, Jessica Owston, Sarah Johnson, Elizabeth Hick, Mandi Johnson, Kate Pruitt, Sophia Formella, Billy Wade, Bella Tran, James Wade, Devan DeLugo, Alison Esparza, and Evan Clary.  

Congratulations to Sophia Formella for making the Texas All-State Mixed Choir!  Mandi Johnson, Kate Pruitt, and Megan Pierson were in the All-Region Choir.  Bella Tran made the Region Treble Choir.  Amber Meagher, Eric Anderson, and Sebastian Poorman made the 9th-10th grade Honor Choir for our region.   Emma Cave made the middle school All-Region Choir, and Megan Genetti was an alternate.  Great job!!

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