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Kristen has been teaching my daughter since middle school and we've been thrilled with her tutelage. Having worked in the public schools as a choir director and as a UIL judge, she understands the TMEA All-State choir process, and has consistently had tremendous yearly success with her students making All-State, which my daughter did this year as a sophomore. Kristen's students also perform consistently well at annual NATS auditions, thanks to Kristen's thorough preparation. 

Kristen emphasizes good vocal health and technique, and encourages her students to grow by giving them challenging, yet age-appropriate pieces. She has access to a wide range of classical and musical theater repertoire. Not only can Kristen play piano accompaniment well, she is very generous about creating recordings to help students in their practice. Because Kristen has performing experience (and continues to be active in musical theater), she is able to coach her students on the acting and presentation of a song, and not focus merely on the singing. She is extremely patient and has wonderful rapport and understanding of young people, and is a great encourager. Kristen treats all her students with respect and great professionalism, in a caring, family-like environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves through song. 

My daughter plans to pursue performing as a possible career, and will continue to study with Kristen until she leaves for college, and I expect Kristen will be instrumental in guiding her through the audition process for some of the most rigorous college music programs in the country. But even for the younger student who just wants to sing for personal enjoyment, I would heartily recommend Kristen as a voice teacher. 

Tracy Bristol, mother of Kate Bristol

I’d like to remind everyone that arts education is vital by taking a second to brag on someone that has made such a difference in my life: Kristen.  Kristen was my voice teacher in high school for about 3+ years. She was there during the crazy college voice program audition days, during the frantic musical theatre transfer student days, and through countless summer audition prep days. She taught me technique, style, and vocal health that will stay with me for the rest of my career. She is the reason I belt!

I’ll never forget the day I came in for a lesson and she suggested we sing “Life of the Party” from The Wild Party. My teenage drama queen self said “NO WAY! I can’t sing that!” And Kristen just replied, “Oh, yes you can.” That song has booked me countless jobs since then and remains my all-time favorite song to sing.

So thank you, Kristen, for teaching me SO MUCH and molding me into the singer I am today. Every day I walk into LIZZIE rehearsal and start going for those high Es and even As, I think, 

“I wouldn’t be able to do this without Kristen’s voice lessons in that tiny practice room at Carroll Senior High.”

Devin Berg

My son Justin has been taking voice lessons from Ms. Kristen for (4) years now.  It is amazing just how much he has improved since he first began with Kristen.  Justin is 13 years old and his voice is starting to change which can be very challenging to try and sing when your voice doesn't want to cooperate.  Ms. Kristen has been wonderful with him.  She is an experienced teacher who continues to help him grow in his singing as his voice begins to mature.   Justin has come so far and his voice has improved so much since he began taking lessons with Kristen.  Kristen is a very dedicated, talented and experienced music teacher.   Justin adores her, and we all consider her just part of our family.


Lori Blankenship

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